Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions

General Terms


We do not use harsh chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide in our teeth whitening products and therefore you will not experience any pain or sensitivity. Our formula has been specifically developed with this in mind. If however you have extremely sensitive teeth or gums it is recommended that you consult your dentist or doctor before using any teeth whitening product.  Our products are aimed at people over the age of 16.

Star White Teeth will attempt to make the product and quantities advertised on this site available at all times. However this cannot always be guaranteed. Star White Teeth does not make any warranties with respect to the availability of its products and will not be liable for any products that are not available at the time of your checkout. The customer will be notified as soon as is reasonably possible when this occurs and advised on what to do to solve this problem. With the exception of those products purchased on a subscription basis, Star White Teeth's prices are subject to change without notice.

Star White Teeth reserves the right to refuse or terminate/cancel orders when there has been website malfunction or error such as technical difficulty, an incorrect price has been displayed, your billing or shipping information is incorrect, we have grounds to believe that you are not authorised or legally permitted to make the relevant purchase, we have grounds to believe that you have breached these Terms or any force majeure events have occurred.

Everybody's teeth are different and therefore everyone will have their own unique teeth whitening experience. Because of this results can vary from person to person.  We have absolute confidence in the quality of of our products which is why guarantee results of at least 2 shades whiter. Please see our money back guarantee policy. It is common to see results of between 2 and 10 shades whiter teeth. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is recommended that you contact your doctor or midwife before using any of our products because each pregnancy is different.

Money Back Guarantee

Because we are absolutely confident in the quality of our products we offer a simple 30 day money back guarantee.

We guarantee that your teeth will improve by a minimum of 2 shades whiter after using our Teeth Whitening Kit.

In the unlikely event that you find this is not your experience after using the Star White Teeth Whitening Kit please see below:

To qualify for our money back guarantee simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Take a  time and date stamped photo of your teeth before using our Teeth Whitening Kit
  2. Take a time and sate stamped photo of your teeth after completion of The Kit, along with a photo of the used product
  3. Email our Customer Support Team (hi@starwhiteteeth.cm)with the above
  4. Your application will be processed within 3 days of submission

Please remember to submit your application within 30 days of receiving the product/s and that the photos have valid date and time stamps.

Applications that do not meet this criteria will not be approved for refund. We reserve our right to reject a refund request in the event that we are not satisfied (acting reasonably) with the supporting evidence you provide to us. 

Please note that our Money Back Guarantee only applies for the first purchase of a Teeth Whitening Kit and excludes all other products/future kit orders.

Taxes, Fees & Duties


When, or after delivery is made, there may be fees, duties, import/export and excise taxes, as well as other fees or assessments which may be assessed or levied by any national, State, or local government and any of their departments and subdivisions in relation to the ordered products. These charges are not included in the original shipping charge, and must be paid by you in addition to the amounts stated on our website. You will not be entitled to payment or reimbursement by Star White Teeth for those charges. If you fail to pay the required fees, duties, taxes or assessments and the items are returned to us, we will provide you with a refund for the returned products minus the return delivery costs.

If you are unsure of the charges and whether you will be affected, please contact your local customs office.

Our products are shipped from the UK.